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We are an online Magic: the Gathering application to track and share your Magic card inventory, deck lists, and buy, sell, or trade your Magic cards. Sign up below to become a beta tester!

Beta Test Application

Inventory Management. Your entire inventory all in one place.

MTGBinder makes it easy to track your entire card inventory. Categorize your inventory into separate collections while maintaining a complete, overall view of all cards and products that you own. Prices gathered from a variety of sources shows the current value of your inventory and tracks trending over-time.

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Deckbox. A full-featured, statistical deck list management system.

Create your own original decks and share with anyone you choose. Easily find decks that you can fully create from your current card inventory or show the cards needed to complete a list. A complete deck database featuring Magic Online and tournament deck lists.

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Marketplace. Buy, sell, and trade all Magic cards and products.

MTGBinder makes it easy to sell extra cards and products from your current inventory, buy items needed to complete a specific deck list or collection, and/or trade with the public or only with your friends.

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Articles. All users are welcome to write and contribute content.

We allow everyone to write and publish articles about Magic: the Gathering, not just the pro players. Popular content is featured on our Articles page, as voted by our community. Not a writer? Help out by reading published content and giving your feedback and approval!

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Play Groups. Share information, decks, and cards in private groups.

It's understandable. You have some secret new tech that you don't want other players or groups to find out about before the big tournament. We allow you to create play groups with your teammates and friends to share information privately and track borrowed cards.

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Community. Discussion, approval and feedback on user content.

Join the community discussion boards and talk about new spoilers, formats, deck tech, and more. Get feedback from your peers on your deck lists or help finding that perfect sideboard. Follow your favorite authors, give constructive feedback, or approval on published content.

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